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Rubber Vulcanization-BPO

Trait: This product is white crystalline powder; Has special odor. It is soluble in acetone or chloroform, slightly soluble in methanol or ethanol, and slightly dissolved in water. Main purpose: Used as plastic catalyst, oil refining, wax decolorization, pharmaceutical manufacturing, etc. It is used as initiator for polymerization and photochemical reaction of ene monomers (vinyl chloride, acrylonitrile, etc.). Flour, grease, wax bleach, cosmetic additives, rubber vulcanizer. Synthetic resin initiator. Flour, grease, wax bleach, cosmetic additives, rubber vulcanizer. Benzoyl peroxide can play a bleaching and anti-corrosion role in flour, benzoyl peroxide has been evaluated, at the same time, the bleaching and anti-corrosion of flour also has a very positive effect, some studies believe that it has a certain negative effect on the human body. Storage: 1. store in a cool and ventilated space with the storage temperature not exceeding 30 ℃. 2. Away from fire, heat source. It should be stored separately with acids, reducing agents, flammable substances, combustible substances, reducing agents, etc. 3. The lighting and ventilation facilities in the storage room are explosion-proof, and the switch is located outdoors. 4. Handling should be carefully placed, to prevent packaging and container damage, prohibit impact and oscillation, packaging and handling operations should pay attention to personal protection. Note: keep the package sealed and avoid danger caused by water loss.

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